When grocery shopping for kid food we always look to buy in bulk, why have 20 chicken nuggets when you can have a box of 100! Besides buying in bulk and looking for kid friendly food, our third goal is to save the most money possible. An easy way to save money is to clip coupons. If you pay attention, coupons are everywhere around you. Not only in local newspapers or magazines, but in grocery store aisles, right on the product’s packaging, online and through a cell phone app, and on the back of your payment receipt. Few people really take advantage of the money that coupons can save, so my mom and I decided to investigate couponing more. We dove into numerous web sites, blogs, and even YouTube tutorials of how to become a professional couponer. There are even classes and seminars available to help teach people how to strategically coupon and get the best deals possible for them. Well my mom and I decided to sign up for one of these little seminars that was held at our local library. We paid a small fee and received one on one guidance on the ins and outs of couponing. We learned so many different things including:

Hidden Coupons
Double Couponing
Price Matching + Coupons
Rewards Memberships at Grocery Stores
Deals That Sound Too Good To Be True
Coupon Organization

There are two card holders with clear protection inside the organizer. These two spaces make it easy to store rewards cards, gift cards, or even credit cards that can be pulled out for fast payment. Six pockets are created by dividers in the organizer. You are given labels to fill in yourself and place whenever on the divider in the order in which you desire. Switching out or updating labels also is easy since labels do not stay permanent on these dividers. This product measures 1.00 X 7.25 X 5.00 inches and is super flexible which makes it easy to store anywhere.

This product is awesome for beginning couponers since it is such a basic design. The pockets hold multiple coupons and are secured by a bungee strap to ensure nothing falls out when in use. For extra security there is a built in snap that can be used as well. The product retails for $9.82 and can be purchased in store or online, but do not forget to check your reward cards and coupons to see if you can save even more on it. The Mead OrganizHer Coupon Organizer is durable, portable, easily accessible, and fashionable! All these traits are things that I really look for when deciding on organizers for my home, office, or anywhere really. There is nothing that tops these traits and this organizer is a perfect addition to any organizers collection. Get ready for a couponing frenzy to begin in your home and get out there and save save save!