Follow The Tips To Secure Big Savings On Online Grocery Shopping

Shopping grocery items is a valuable expense for most families and it is one of the most important household activities. You can skip other chores but you simply can’t skip grocery shopping. Earlier shoppers had to visit supermarkets or the local grocery stores and select the items, carry them to the billing counters, had to wait there for a long hour and then taking the items way back to home. The entire process was hectic, time-consuming and tiring.

The internet age brought a massive change in the way we are buying grocery items, as more and more people are opting for online grocery shopping. With just a click of a mouse or tap on the mobile screen anyone could easily buy household items from the online grocery websites. The emergence of the e-commerce has certainly altered the shopping landscape. Whether buying baby food or high-end electronic items, consumers from all over the world leaning towards online platforms.

There are several factors that are responsible for the mass market appeal of internet shopping such as the convenience, massive discounts, a huge array of choice, free home delivery and the option of cash on delivery. The online shopping gained prominence with the advent of smartphones and the high-speed internet and now it has integrated naturally into our life. Nowadays, nobody wonders if you say I have completed my monthly shopping from an online grocery store. The same thing could have surprised a whole bunch people even five years ago.

How you can get the most out of your online purchase of grocery products

In spite of buying so many things from the internet, very few people actually know how to make their online purchase even more profitable and make maximum savings. There are proven ways you can follow in order to streamline your digital shopping.

Make a full list of grocery items you want to buy– It is always a good idea to come to the online arena with a complete list of items you really want to purchase. Having a list of items will make sure that you are only ordering things that you need and staying within your shopping budget. The biggest difference between shopping from a supermarket and shopping from an online grocery store is that in the supermarket we get attracted with other products that in actuality we don’t need or we could afford to delay the purchase of that item. But in the supermarkets, they are displayed in a way to attract our attention and we can’t resist the temptation of buying them. Although the chances are limited while you buy things online, but it is better safe than sorry, so keeping a shopping list would be your best bet for abstaining from over-spending.

Search maximum number of online grocery stores– The success of online shopping depends on the efficiency of how you are searching. Most people do the mistake of buying things in a haste. They search on the net, click the first site that appeared in the search result and order things from there. In order to make a significant saving from online purchase, you need to hunt more. Because in maximum cases it has been noticed that the best prices are hidden in the websites that are on the second page of the search result. So be a diligent searcher, as you don’t have to leave the home and roam around the city for the best deal, search a little more on the net and you could get the best price. You could feel satisfied by knowing you have secured the finest deal at the lowest price. But do keep in mind that it is not a rule of thumb that buying cheap means getting good.

Check if the shopping site you have chosen has a tie-up with your personal bank– Quite often we neglect to pay attention whether the online grocery site from where we are buying things has a tie-up with our personal bank. Yes, it is a noticeable thing because most of the shopping sites offer extra discounts and cash backs to the customers who hold the bank account with which shopping sites have a commercial tie-up. You could get bonus points, special discounts and extra facilities from both the shopping site and the bank. So check all these things before adding items to your cart.

Tips To Help You Buy The Perfect Pillow

Pillows are part of every room including bedroom. They serve various purposes. You rest your head on it and fall asleep. They are also used for a pillow fight, especially on a pillow fight day.

If you are looking for the right pillow for your needs, we suggest that you read through this article.

In the market, you can find different kinds of pillows, such as feather pillows, foam pillows, butterfly pillows and orthopedic pillows, to name a few. So, how can you find out which one should be right for you?

First of all, you should keep in mind that one pillow may not meet the needs of every user. This is because our bodies have different shapes, and we have our own positions to sleep in. Most people sleep on their side. You may be a front or back sleeper. Moreover, you may or may not change your position while sleeping.

What is your favorite position? If you sleep on your side, we suggest that buy two pillows. Otherwise, you can just go ahead and just buy a single pillow. You may be thinking why some people choose two pillows. If you sleep on your side, you need at least two pillows. One pillow will be used to cover the gap between your shoulder and the neck. And the other will be under your head of course.

When buying a pillow, the other thing that you should keep in mind is its thickness. Based on the broadness of your shoulders, you can go for on thin or thick pillow. You can also choose two thick ones.

In the morning, when you get up, how do you feel? For instance, do you feel pain in your neck? If so, we suggest that you replace your pillow. What you need to do is listen to your body. The pain is a sign that there is a problem with your neck. It could be because of the use of wrong pillows.

At times, you may need to “break in” your new pillow. What this means is that you should use the pillow for a few nights in order to find out if you get used to it.

The one you choose should give you the comfort you need throughout the night. A soft one may seem an ideal choice at first, but may not work a few days later.

As with other things, quality comes with price. If you are looking for a high quality product, be ready to pay more.

It’s not a good idea to opt for cheapest one available. In the same way, it’s not a good idea to go for one that looks great to you.

The point is to look for a pillow that can feel comfortable. If you have no idea which one to go for, we suggest that you give a go to a few to settle on one that you think is the best. Keep in mind that what matters the most is the comfort that the pillow will provide.

So, these are a few things that you should keep in mind when buying a quality pillow.

Urban Ladder – Shop Furniture Online

In recent times, online shopping has taken India by storm for a variety of products. This phenomenon has also spread to furniture, furnishings and interior decor. In the past, if customers wanted to buy a piece of furniture, it was a tedious journey physically visiting shop to shop, inspecting furniture, looking for the right item, negotiating prices and then finally getting your vaunted purchases home. More often than not, a lot of time and effort was wasted in the process, not to mention the amount of money spent on your choices. Remember – it is never easy to compare products on a shop to shop basis and arriving at a fair price.

Fortunately, with technology and innovation, that has now changed with the advent of online furniture shopping portals like Urban Ladder!

Of course, Urban Ladder is not the first enterprise to venture into this space. However, though somewhat a late entrant, Urban Ladder has still made up for it through its USPs. Consider the following –

  1. The first impression that you get when you visit the Urban Ladder website is a well designed, clean and pleasant look. The site is quite user friendly and the products are categorised neatly.
  2. Urban Ladder is a niche player and a specialist in the furniture segment.
  3. It does not flood you with umpteen choices – sometimes, that could suffocate us and make it quite difficult to zero in on a final selection – but at the same time, it does give you reasonable number of choices to make you feel comfortable in making satisfying decisions.
  4. The products are priced reasonably and transparently with periodic discount offers through the year, especially December year-end sales. There are also debit / credit card discount offers and Amazon Pay discounts (10% off, maximum Rs.500) available to customers from time to time.
  5. The portal keeps its range reasonably broad based but tight which also fit your requirements. As of now, it does not offer “everything under the sun” for your home needs but suffice it to say that you would be happy with the range available and not disappointed.
  6. The fact that it keeps its range reasonably tight is a plus because it maintains higher quality control through curation of products. Its products are well curated – and when we say curated, we speak from personal experience – they really are ‘curated’!
  7. In case you are not satisfied with the product, there are easy returns available and refunds as well, subject to T & C.
  8. The listings on the website are quite detailed with explicit images from various aspects and include measurements of the products too. They cover product features, properties, material used, care & safety instructions, warranty, returns and quality promise. If you still have questions, all you need is to connect with them through any of your preferred modes of communication or simply post a question.
  9. The website is equipped with a Products Compare facility for customer selected products.
  10. Urban Ladder also offers consultancy services for Interior Designing of your home at reasonable prices.
  11. For those customers who need variety of payment options, Urban Ladder offers Cash on Delivery (COD), Card on Delivery, Amazon Pay, UPI, Net Banking, Debit Card and Credit Card Payments, to name a few. It has EMI facilities as well. And if you still need time or are planning for a future occasion, then you have the option to save it to your Wish List.
  12. The best part is that Urban Ladder not only services premier metros but also has presence in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. It has a clear vision to expand further and further in to such cities and towns. This is good for customers who often wish to buy from premier furniture portals but may not have delivery facilities to their location. Further, Urban Ladder focusses on not just delivery facilities but also brick and mortar offices in specified locations. And yes, its delivery facilities are free of cost. Customers are notified date of delivery and the products have tracking facility.
  13. For customers interested in gifting, the portal also offers Gift Cards. If the gift card ordered is => Rs.10,000/-, then customers also get Rs.2,000/- extra vouchers. The gift cards have no expiry date and can be purchased for denominations starting as low as Rs.1,000/- either in electronic or physical version. They can be customised for all kinds of occasions and events.
  14. Urban Ladder also has an attractive referral policy wherein existing customers can refer their friends, relatives and acquaintances with a designated voucher code and capping limit of 10 referrals per account. When their referral uses the code, they get 10% off and the customer who referred them gets Rs.2,000/- off on each referral. This has been quite useful for our requirements.
  15. The online venture has physical presence too in select locations through ‘Experience Stores’. These are brick and mortar stores that customers can personally visit and select their products while getting a feel on how they look and fit in homes.
  16. The best part is that their delivery staff are quite well trained and skilled. They are courteous and polite. They provide all information (including warranty, returns and refunds), you may need when they deliver and install the products in your homes.
  17. Their contact centre staff are equally competent and they have multiple modes of communication namely email, chat and telephones. The portal is setup with variety of social media accounts as well.
  18. While they do have policies and procedures that they need to adhere to, yet they are flexible in case you have any genuine query, requirement or problem. This is often missing in online portals. Moreover, the conversations are not scripted / templated and are usually engaging.
  19. Urban Ladder products are compact and can be easily assembled / dismantled as may be required. This is particularly useful for customers who are mobile and move locations periodically.
  20. Mobile friendly customers can download the Urban Ladder app available both on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

We have bought several products from Urban Ladder but have not had cause or reason to regret it anytime. Of course, occasionally, there were few disappointments or issues with products, as can happen in the best of times. These were handled promptly by the staff that ensured the grievances were resolved on the positive side.

If you are considering any purchase of furniture, suggest you take a good look at the site for your requirements.

That said, let us know of your thoughts and please do leave comments on your experiences.

What To Know Before You Buy a Cooler Bag

Cooler bags are one of those essentials you don’t really realize that you need until you get stuck and need one. So now that you are ready to buy one, knowing what to look out for is vital so you don’t end up with the wrong one.

The Capacity
What will you usually put in your cooler bag? Asking this question is important because it helps you understand your needs before buying. You should know what capacity will take your ice or drinks. For instance, if you want to pack 16 cans with some ice, then you may not want to buy a bag that can only take 12 cans with ice. You should choose a bag like the Yeti because it can take up to 18 cans.

Your Needs
Where will you take the bag to? How will you carry it? How often will you use it?

These are some of the questions you should ask before choosing a bag. There is a huge difference between wanting a cooler bag that you can take to work and one that will withstand the elements. So if you want a cooler for use at work (for your lunch), then consider the Freddie And Sebbie bag it is perfect for work.

However, if you’re looking for a bag that is waterproof and you want it to float, then the Icemule is a perfect choice.

For those who intend to carry it for long distance, a soft one like the Icemule will be a more comfortable choice because it is easy to wear and carry.

Multi Pockets
A cooler bag with several compartments is an ideal choice as you may want to stay organized or carry several things like silverware, napkins and even sunscreen. If your needs call for extra closures and pockets, then my advice is to skip the Yeti and the Icemule and go for Coleman and Freddie and Sebbie coolers.

Price is one factor that will always come up when choosing any product. Cooler bags come in a wide range of prices. Some are affordable, while others are high price. If you want a bag that is more durable, at an affordable price, then you should try out the Yeti.

But if you are on a budget, then consider choosing the Coleman. It is a more affordable product and will fit almost any budget. The affordability of a cooler bag cannot be measured by price alone because the features they offer vary. For example, a larger size cooler will cost more than a smaller size one. You will need to choose what will suit your needs before deciding if it is worth the cost.

The Bottom Line on The Best Cooler Bag

The best cooler bag is one that will fit your every need. First, evaluate your needs in terms of capacity, carry purpose, pocket preference and finally price. You may find out that is you initially thought was the right choice, isn’t what you need after all.

Price Vs Quality – But What About Impact?

You have probably heard the arguments proclaiming that if you spend more money now, you won’t have to spend more money later. Often times these discussions are talking about homes, cars, or expensive electronics, all of which may require maintenance or repairs in the future. But what about clothes, food, and personal hygiene products? Buying these types of products can have more of an impact on your wallet than the big-ticket items you buy only a few times throughout your life.

There are countless articles and blog posts about saving money by buying the better quality option. But what about buying the more ethical option? Shouldn’t the impact your purchase has on the world be part of the equation, not just how much cash you can save? Buying ethically is a growing practice and has already started to change the way some businesses are sourcing their products.

There are so many different factors to look at when making an ethical purchase, and it can be overwhelming if you have never tried it before. Should you buy the local product or the fair trade product from Ecuador? What about the organic product with palm oil versus the non-organic option with olive oil? Some of you may not even know what fair trade really means or why palm oil should be avoided.

As businesses have worked to provide the growing populace with necessities and luxuries, new ways of production, discovered natural resources, and scientific breakthroughs have enabled manufacturers to provide fast, affordable products. Instead of being limited to one pair of shoes for years, most of us (even in many third world countries) can now buy multiple pairs of shoes every year. But there is a downside to the affordability and mass production of consumable products.

Consumable products are items that can be purchased, used, and thrown away. Many non-consumable products that people use every day have morphed into consumable products because of advertising. One example is fast fashion, have you heard of it? New styles of clothing are coming out every week, and the advertisements tell us we need to continuously replace our out of style clothes, leaving us constantly unsatisfied with our current wardrobe.

“We consume 400% more clothing than we did even 20 years ago.”

“We grew up in the “fast fashion generation”. We had closets overflowing with clothing, but a feeling that we had nothing to wear.”

-MAXINE BÉDAT Co-founder of Zady (a company that is changing the way clothes are made while educating consumers on the impacts of fast fashion)

This phenomenon has greatly impacted the world in more ways than one. Cheap labor is greatly sought after in order to produce inexpensive clothes, causing businesses to cut wages and ignore safety measures for employees. Deforestation to provide land for palm oil and animal agriculture displaces villages and endangers animal species that could go extinct soon. Pollution from quick, mass production is wreaking havoc on ecosystems as well as polluting humans’ resources.

We have passed the point of just hurting the environment and animals. The consumerism lifestyle is now affecting humans as well. Displacing entire communities, negligence of workers’ safety and rights, pollution of humans’ water sources and air are just some examples. By using your money to buy ethically, small steps can be taken to create a better life for all people on Earth.

Have you heard the saying that every dollar you spend is a vote for something? It can be hard to tell what you are actually voting for though. Whether it be human rights, organic farming, rainforest conservation, or local businesses, you are voting for something with every purchase. When you buy cheap, mass-produced products, what are you voting for?

A couple days ago I was grocery shopping and I noticed all the non-dairy and vegan options sitting on the shelves, brands I used to think would never change. But they did, because more people are buying vegan options whether it be for animal rights, less pollution from animal agriculture, or dietary choices. Enough people voted with their money and companies are listening.

Not everyone has the option of buying organic, fair-trade, vegan chocolate because of money, availability where they live, or other reasons that are none of my business. It is up to each of us as individuals to decide what we want to tell the companies with our purchases. Just taking a couple minutes to research what you are actually buying could help improve the environment, a child’s life, or save an orangutan.

This all may seem daunting and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. By purchasing items that are better quality, you will not have to replace or repair them as often as the cheaper version. You also won’t have to deal with the frustration of spending more on replacing cheap items, costing you more than the single high quality item you thought about buying in the first place. By combining quality and ethical purchasing techniques, you can purposefully help yourself and the world.

As the consumer, you have the final say in what you decide to spend your money on. You can choose to buy for cost, quality, ethical reasons, or all three if you do your research. The choice is yours.

A Guide to Choose the Best Diaper Brands

My affair with diapers started immediately after my twins were born. A few months in, I had tried most of the brands available in the market. At first, I really did not care about the quality or capacity, I just wanted the bulk; every single day, two babies could easily consume five diapers each. For a brief moment, I considered using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. After weighing my options, I realized that cloth diapers were not as convenient as much as they were cheaper. I would literally need to hire a full time cleaner to wash cloth diapers.

For any parent, discovering what works for you and your baby (babies) is a journey. Disposable diapers are very convenient but can be expensive. Above all, getting value for your money is the best deal. This review looks at all the vital elements to consider, so that you can decide which diaper brand is best for you.

How to identify the best diaper

The major consideration is comfort. Is your baby happy and comfortable with the diaper? To identify comfort, the features below must be in place.

– Fit and fastening

The waist and legs must fit properly. Usually, many brands will have an elastic mechanism for this. To this end, the diaper should contour the body accordingly. Choosing the right size will further give your baby the right comfort. A diaper should also come with fasteners that do not lose stickiness easily. Velcro fasteners are more superior.

– Lotion and fragrance

Many new-age diapers come with a lotion or gel liner. This works to moisturize the baby’s sensitive skin. The fragrance is meant to give a fresh appeal for the diaper area. Scents are not really a requirement but they can enhance the diaper experience for both mum and baby. The lotion or gel is highly functional to boost comfort.

– Absorbency and wetness indicator

The capacity of any diaper is determined by its absorbency mechanism. Extra padding in the diaper region will go a long way to keep leaks at bay. Some diapers absorb better than others. In my experience, brands like Snuggles and Huggies take the cake. Using them gave me confidence that my twins would avoid leaks and soils. A wetness indicator will show you when to change the diaper. Parents should change the diaper immediately after this signal to avoid discomfort in their babies.

– Cutouts for newborns

A cutout for newborns ensures that the navel or cord area is not touched. The healing stump is delicate and using a special diaper with this feature makes work easier. However, most brands can be folded around this area to serve the same purpose.

– Design and style

Diaper brands come in all designs, shapes and sizes. Choosing one that is stylish adds personality to your baby. For me, something neat and compact is ideal. With so many options, you might as well choose one that appeals most, even where design is concerned.

– Price

Many times, a high quality diaper is synonymous with expensive. It is hard to find cheaper options and not compromise on quality. However, comparing prices will help you land on the best deal. You should not have to part with an arm or a leg for a good diaper brand.


This is one of the most impressive diaper brands I have used for my children. It is soft, comfortable and with a very high absorbency. It provides all night protection while delivering superior absorbency, thanks to its Flexi Gel feature. It is highly breathable to protect sensitive skin. For active babies, it provides for active fitness with a stretchy waistband. As alluded to above, my leaning towards this brand is unmistakable. It really redefines comfort and care. It comes in all sizes for babies all the way to toddlers.


This is yet another leading diaper brand. It comes with a wealth of features for great protection. It is made using 100% cotton and is therefore very breathable. It has a special pocket to cater to runny messes. The core has triple absorbency to lock in wetness. The tabs are nicely shaped with a double leak guard. Again, when you are looking for superior protection, Huggies is a great buy. They have all sizes from new born to nappy pants. Variations like the Huggies Gold is very superior.


Most new parents find the Pampers brand first before others. This is indeed a popular brand that comes with great options for all babies and sizes. The main features include extra channels for absorption, super gel, baby lotion, soft cotton material and wetness indicator. From new-born care to Pampers pants for moving children, this brand has it all. For many parents and guardians, this brand comes at a higher price. In many ways, it could be a premium brand. I used Pampers for my newborns and the only major problem was the cost. Maybe it is because I was paying double the price for my twins. If you are looking for unparalleled protection, this could be an ideal buy for you. Budget buyers and penny pinchers may shy away. All in all, this is a trusted brand that has served many.


When I really needed to save money, I switched to using Softcare for my children. This cheaper alternative brand has really taken the industry by storm. With a pack of 40 diapers being below Ksh 700, this was great for me. However, you cannot have your cake and eat it. Using the cheaper version of this brand proved that absorbency and overall quality was wanting. To this end, those who really need high quality can choose the Softcare Premium Soft option. You will pay a bit more but you can contain leaks better. Again, it comes in all sizes for your baby. With my children, I found myself buying one size bigger for proper fitting. When you are looking for cheaper bulk, this is you best pick. However, you pay more to get superior protection.

Which brand is best?

Every parent or guardian has to decide what works for them best. Cost is indeed a major reason that cannot be overlooked. Choosing a brand that gives you high quality for a fair price is ideal. Above all, do not compromise quality for cheap products. If you prefer to use cloth diapers, this could go a long way in cutting those costs. Buying in bulk will save you money. Also, keep an eye out for discounts and offers. Try out different brands and come to your own conclusion. All in all, there is a glaring gap for cheaper high quality disposable diapers in the market.

Useful Tips For Buying Sofas

Buying a sofa is a great investment, but it must be done wisely. Otherwise, you risk spending thousands of dollars on poor quality furniture. When shopping for the best sofa, keep in mind the following tips and trick and apply them.

You should always test how sturdy a sofa is. Quality sofas will look and feel solid and heavy. When testing sofas, you could sit on them, to check how it feels. Furthermore, you should try lift it a bit, to see if it is solid enough and there are no problems with the joints. If the sofa wobbles or it feels light, it is a good idea to look for another item.

Look for items that have a solid frame, made of kiln-dried hardwood. Frames made of oak, alder, birch, maple or high-quality hardwood plywood or marine plywood are typically very solid.

Sofas with dense polyurethane foam core are high quality. A sofa with a heavy, dense core will last longer. Higher quality furniture has core wrapped with Dacron bathing. There are other high-quality bathing options. You should spend some time researching the options.

Remember what we said about lifting the sofa? Checking the integrity and sturdiness of frames is of utmost importance. But also the type of joints will tell you more about the quality of the furniture. High grade sofas have joints that are double doweled and fitted with corner blocks that are both glued and screwed into place. Also, they have legs that are part of the frame, not just attached. Pay attention to these small details.

One important aspect of choosing a sofa is determining the right style, shape and size. Always pick a sofa after you have analyzed your room and determined the optimal height, length and depth. If you plan sleeping on your sofa (or your wife tells you to do that), you should always measure the distance between arms.

The overall length may look good, but it does not take into consideration certain dimensions, like the length of the arms. For those with little space, buying a sofa without arms is recommended. It will have a different impact and will make the room look a bit bigger.

Think about how many persons do you want to sit on the sofa. Then buy furniture that has the same number of cushions. For more than two people, buy a sofa with a long cushion, also called a bench cushion.

How to Buy the Right Pair of Men’s Glasses

The best way to buy the right pair of men’s glasses is by picking a frame that both complements your personality and which at the same time also complements your features. When the time comes to make a purchase, you should pick one that enhances your facial features in terms of size and shape. Also, before you buy a pair online, make sure you use the online seller’s Virtual Try-On feature. This feature makes it easy for you to pick the best pair.

Determine the shape of your face

The first thing you need to do when shopping for glasses for men is determine the shape of your face. Your face could be round, or square or it could be another shape. Depending on the shape of your face you will need to pick a frame that complements that shape the best. For example, men with round faces will do well to pick angular or rectangular shaped frames. They should also avoid wearing round frames. Men with oval faces will do well to buy men’s glasses that are either aviators or oval or square. They should also choose frames that are as wide as the widest part of their faces.

Choose the right frame type

Second, men need to choose a suitable frame type. There are several options available like full-rim frames and semi-rimless as well as rimless frames. The first are known for their ability to highlight the eyes. Semi-rimless frames on the other hand help to highlight the upper part of your face. They work well with those whose faces are either diamond shaped or whose faces are triangular in shape. Rimless frames are very unnoticeable and they work well with those who have triangular or heart shaped faces.

Frame color

Third, when buying the right men’s glasses, it is important to pick the right frame color. Ideally, one should choose a shade that compliments the color of the skin and eyes as well as hair. If you have a warm skin tone, then you need to choose frame colors like beige and gold as well as warm blue. If your skin tone is cool, then you need to go with frame colors like black and burgundy.

Choose something that compliments your lifestyle

Keep in mind the right pair will help you make the right impression in the minds of others. So, when choosing your glasses, you need to take into account the different aspects of the way you live your life. Be clear in your mind as to what you want to show the world. Also, factor in the activities you take part and the type of work you do. Based on these factors, you should choose men’s glasses that work well with your lifestyle, personality and working life.

Just like you will not wear sport shoes at a cocktail party, so too when choosing your glasses, you need to pick a pair that works well with a particular occasion. It is important to choose a pair that showcases your creative side and which also helps you make a style statement. The bottom line is you need to pick glasses that not only compliment your face but which also help to correct your vision and which also help you make a style statement.

Review of Kroger Rewards

I was shopping at Kroger and asked to have an application to become a member of their rewards card. It was very simple and I received the cards in the mail. If you are wondering why they need your phone number it is because if you ever forget your card you can use that to still have access to your rewards at the checkout. I discovered you could also apply for this card online too.

They have store sales and you can view the weekly ad on their website. They have coupons that print out when you are checking out and coupons are sent to you in the mail. You even get exclusive discounts on items for being a rewards member. On the receipt, you can see how much you saved in this order and how much you have saved annually.

Another member perk is that every time you shop and use your card you get fuel points. You earn one fuel point for every $1 you spend. And when you get 100 fuel points you get 25 cents off each gallon. If it is less than 100 you get 10 cents off and more you can get up to 30 cents off. Now it does not sound like much but it can add up. You can also use these points at Shell gas stations instead of just Kroger ones. These points expire at the end of the next month and there have been times where the points have expired before I could use them since I do not drive my car that often.

There is an online shopping option on the website where you can pick them up and have your groceries carried out to your car or you can have them delivered to your home. I will warn you, this delivery and pickup are only available in certain locations. With the website, you are even able to make a list. You can go through and add things by category, by sale items, or by typing in the items. After they are on your list you can adjust the quantity if you need to. This list even gives you an estimated total. For the pickup and delivery service, you select a timeframe that is an hour long and you are able to update a pending order until they have started to get it ready for you which is a helpful feature if you forget something. It is a very simple process and similar to other online grocery shopping sites.

Couponing Is Not For The Weak

When grocery shopping for kid food we always look to buy in bulk, why have 20 chicken nuggets when you can have a box of 100! Besides buying in bulk and looking for kid friendly food, our third goal is to save the most money possible. An easy way to save money is to clip coupons. If you pay attention, coupons are everywhere around you. Not only in local newspapers or magazines, but in grocery store aisles, right on the product’s packaging, online and through a cell phone app, and on the back of your payment receipt. Few people really take advantage of the money that coupons can save, so my mom and I decided to investigate couponing more. We dove into numerous web sites, blogs, and even YouTube tutorials of how to become a professional couponer. There are even classes and seminars available to help teach people how to strategically coupon and get the best deals possible for them. Well my mom and I decided to sign up for one of these little seminars that was held at our local library. We paid a small fee and received one on one guidance on the ins and outs of couponing. We learned so many different things including:

Hidden Coupons
Double Couponing
Price Matching + Coupons
Rewards Memberships at Grocery Stores
Deals That Sound Too Good To Be True
Coupon Organization

There are two card holders with clear protection inside the organizer. These two spaces make it easy to store rewards cards, gift cards, or even credit cards that can be pulled out for fast payment. Six pockets are created by dividers in the organizer. You are given labels to fill in yourself and place whenever on the divider in the order in which you desire. Switching out or updating labels also is easy since labels do not stay permanent on these dividers. This product measures 1.00 X 7.25 X 5.00 inches and is super flexible which makes it easy to store anywhere.

This product is awesome for beginning couponers since it is such a basic design. The pockets hold multiple coupons and are secured by a bungee strap to ensure nothing falls out when in use. For extra security there is a built in snap that can be used as well. The product retails for $9.82 and can be purchased in store or online, but do not forget to check your reward cards and coupons to see if you can save even more on it. The Mead OrganizHer Coupon Organizer is durable, portable, easily accessible, and fashionable! All these traits are things that I really look for when deciding on organizers for my home, office, or anywhere really. There is nothing that tops these traits and this organizer is a perfect addition to any organizers collection. Get ready for a couponing frenzy to begin in your home and get out there and save save save!